Telegraph for People is a student organization at UC Berkeley fighting for safe and vibrant streets for people in our city.

Our flagship priority is making Telegraph Avenue car-free near the UC Berkeley campus (on 3 blocks from Haste to Bancroft). We want to create a vibrant public realm, more space and safety for pedestrians and cyclists, faster and more reliable buses, and revitalized small businesses.

We take an all-of-the-above approach to organizing and believe that students have the power to make real change in Berkeley if we organize and fight for our needs.


Opinion: Why It's So Hard to Get Cars Off the Road
"Telegraph for People [is] an organization that wants to see Telegraph Avenue go completely car-free on three blocks near the U.C. Berkeley campus."

Supporters of car-free Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley march onto street
"Around 100 supporters of banning cars on a four-block stretch of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley made their wish a reality on Saturday afternoon, marching onto the street as part of a rally and temporarily blocking traffic."

Photo credit: Stephen Flynn